IT Contracts

Second to your people, your IT infrastructure is probably the most important asset you have in your business. If it fails, the risk of significant cost and interruption to your business is real, so the contracts you have in place from your supplier are critical. If you are an IT provider, your contracts need to work for your supply chain, clients and distributors, whether they are local, national or international, so having specialist IT lawyers who understand the intricacies of licensing, regulation and SLAs, both from a supplier and client perspective, is vital.

Providing specialist IT contract advice to businesses from start-up entrepreneur to global IT provider means that the depth of our experience ensures your contracts work for you and your business.  Our lawyers will work with you to understand your operational and commercial requirements to ensure that their advice is tailored and relevant.  Our clients include IT infrastructure providers and businesses in:

  • Software development and technology
  • Data hosting, management and security
  • AI and robotics
  • Fintech and cryptocurrency
  • Telecoms
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare

Whether you need your contracts to ensure your IT systems don’t cripple your business, or you’re a supplier needing to reassure your clients that your IT services are robust, our expert IT solicitors will tailor contracts that deliver what you need.

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