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A licenced sponsor is required to fulfil a number of responsibilities in order to prevent illegal employment and assure compliance with UK Immigration Rules.

To skilled visa workers, certificates of sponsorship need to be granted, and additional obligations include monitoring and reporting certain acts relevant to sponsored persons.

Sponsors have the ability to monitor their licences and verify that they are in compliance with all relevant requirements by going into the Sponsor Management Systems (SMS) that is provided by the Home Office. A separate application for a licence to sponsor a skilled worker must also be submitted through the SMS.

As a result of the fact that the Home Office utilises the Sponsor Management Systems to verify that you are performing your duties as a skilled worker licence holder, it is very crucial that the SMS always appropriately represents your firm and any sponsored employees.

Once a company becomes a registered sponsor of Skilled Worker, it has a number of obligations and duties to UK Visas & Immigration and failure to comply can ultimately lead to the licence being revoked.

Obligations and charges

We can act as the Legal Representative on your sponsor licence and manage day-to-day obligations as a Level 1 User of the Sponsor Management System. Contact us for our charges for acting as a Level 1 user.

Our service includes:

  • Submitting reports to UKVI via the SMS in relation to:
    • sponsored migrants, including absences, termination of employment, salary changes
    • key personnel, including changes to named personnel and contact details
    • the organisation, including changes to contact details, size and structure
  • Preparing and submitting applications for renewal of undefined Certificates of Sponsorship
  • Preparing and submitting applications for renewal of the sponsor licence
  • Access to guidance for sponsors on key personnel, record keeping and reporting duties
  • Preferential pricing on training packages and immigration audits
  • Updates on matters affecting your sponsor licence

Contact us for above compliance.

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