Advice on Certificate of Sponsorship

Advice On Certificate Of Sponsorship in UK | RD Laws

Company must assign a certificate of sponsorship to each foreign worker Company employ. When Company assigns the certificate to a worker, it must be used to apply for their visa within 3 months. They must not apply for their visa more than 3 months before the start date of the job listed on the certificate.

Defined certificates

These are for people applying on a Skilled Worker visa from outside the UK. Company must apply for defined certificates for these workers through the sponsorship management system (SMS).

Undefined certificates

These are for Skilled Workers applying from inside the UK, and applicants on all other visas.

If you’re sponsoring a UK Expansion Worker

If Sponsor licence has a provisional rating, company will only be able to assign one certificate of sponsorship. This must be assigned to the authorising officer so they can enter the UK.

Once they’ve got their visa, Company can upgrade its licence to an A-rating and request up to 4 additional certificates of sponsorship using the sponsorship management system (SMS).

Certificate costs

Sponsor needs to pay a fee when it assigns a certificate to a worker. If Company assign a certificate of sponsorship to a worker on a Skilled Worker or Senior or Specialist Worker visa, Company might also need to pay the immigration skills charge.

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